Development and skill building

What we are most known for is helping leaders and followers work together in a culture that realizes all actually lead. We are often called for conflict resolution for individuals as well as teams. 

Business Therapeutics

EQ, TRUST, Empathy, Win-Win, Seeking and fullfilling needs. Energizing Accountability, and creative collaboration. Just to name a few of the concepts we like to share to enhance the work culture and produce less toxicity and more function and productivity. 

Relaxation and meditation products

Unexpected perhaps, but we product relaxation products that can be used to enhance your work and home life. Check out  Work Well - Relaxation Exercise - Single on iTunes.  Work Well - Relaxation Exercise - Single

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Self-Calming for students and younger employees.

In the educational arena, students need a way to calm themselves when angry, anxious, distracted, and hyper. Classroom Calm will also help the focus-challenged employee.  Classroom Calm - Single on iTunes.

Post training video refreshers 

Click here to watch a sample refresher for CSRs dealing with difficult callers. We produce these for specific needs and as followup to training and as a part of continued development.

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Next Steps...

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